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Chronology / History

The changing face of EOS in the course of time

Chronological overview

  • 1944 - Willi Günther produces stamped and sheet metal parts, as well as kitchen appliances in the basement of his home.
  • 1948 – First production facilities erected in Mademühlen.
  • 1950 – EOS starts to market oil-filled electric radiators.
  • 1968 – New production facilities erected in Driedorf.
  • 1973 – The crucial step: We start making heaters and control units for Finnish saunas. By the end of the 70s, EOS has became the market-leading sauna technology provider – only to retain its position to this very day.
  • 1989 – The Günther Group acquires the Kern company, allowing us to also serve the professional market with excellent products.
  • 1990 – EOS starts to market its steam generator systems (heater & steam generator combinations).
  • 1995 – We expand our product range by sub-bench heater systems and commercial heaters rated at output capacities of up to 36 kW.
  • 1996 – EOS introduces a coloured light plus control unit system for saunas.
  • 2000 – Production of our own radiator modules and associated control units.
  • 2001 – Introduction of the innovative hexagonal sauner heater design.
  • 2003 – Heater/generator talent "Bi-O-Max" and the sophisticated EMOTEC® control unit introduced to the market.
  • 2004 – EOS teams with Philips to design a reflector that increases the efficiency of the new infrared short-wave VITEA lamp.
  • 2005 – EOS presents its first watermill sauna at "aquanale".
  • 2006 – The ECON series of control units are now available in a new design housing.
  • 2007 - The "Herkules" sauna heater study project with its 120 kg capacity for sauna stones is one of the trade fair attractions. This prototype's reduced and plain stylistic elements reflect a unique combination of steel, stone and water.
  • 2008 - The presentation of the Herkules XL heater study unleashed an overwhelming demand which caused us to opt for designing a high-quality range of sauna products without further ado.
  • 2009 – The Emolux LED coloured light system now fit for sauna use.
  • 2010 – New EmoTouch II replaces the previous EmoTouch generation of touch-screen control units.
  • 2011 – EOS transferred to Paragon Partners and renamed from EOS-Werke Günther to EOS Saunatechnik GmbH - thus, its new name reflects the company's core competence. Infratec Premium, Filius and S-Guard are introduced as new products.
  • 2012 – At the Interbad trade fair, EOS presents its new range of Mythos sauna heaters and the latest generation of Emotec control units.
  • 2013 – EOS is privately owned again: the two General Managers Rainer Kunz and Michael Meis acquire EOS. Furthermore, EOS moves its administration from Mademühlen to Driedorf.
  • 2014 - Mythos sauna heater of the exclusive S-Line series wins the 2014 iF Design Award, one of the most coveted design awards in the world.

EOS' vision

Today, we are entirely dedicated to meeting our customers' needs and expectations. Focussing on the growing health and wellness markets is our key to success. The best quality and the "Made in Germany" seal are always our claim and we're happy to be measured by them. Every day, all our employees work to advance themselves continuously, in order to brilliantly master the challenges of the future. Join us on this path - we look forward to a long-term collaboration!