Econ D4 / H4 now available! Upgrade for the classic model

New generation of control units with additional features and remote-start function for even more sauna convenience.

Compared to the proven Emotec DC or HCS, the new control units have more and improved features for better handling, making your sauna experience more relaxed and easier. In addition to the Finnish version Econ D4 (dry sauna without vaporiser), we also supply the Econ H4 vaporiser variant. The two electronic control units not only sport conventional functions, they also have a 10-level dimmable cabin light function and a 3-level fan control unit.

New control unit series "Econ D4 and Econ H4" replaces Emotec DC and HCS

Optionally, both devices are BUS remote start compatible, which means that sauna users can switch on their cabin comfortably via the remote function, promising wellness at the push of a button and immediate relaxation after a stressful day at work.

> The new Econ D4

> The new Econ H4

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