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Sauna stones


High quality olivine diabase sauna stones in proven EOS-quality.

Suitable for all EOS sauna heaters.

Make sure to control sauna stones regulary. The stones in direct contact with the heating elements are exposed to extreme thermal conditions. The rapid temperature changes cause small chracks in the stones which lead to disintegration of stones over the time. Small particles will fall down and block the proper air circulation. This may cause continuous overheating and will shorten the service life of the heater and of the heating elements.

Reshuffle the stones regularly to improve the air circulation. Remove and replace the cracked stones.

Item no.


Stone size (mm)


approx. 8 kg

30 - 60


approx. 20 kg

100 - 150


approx. 20 kg

50 - 100


approx. 25 kg

50 - 100


  • High thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity.
  • Optimal durability even by intensive use.
  • Available in sizes 30 - 60 mm, 50 - 100 mm and 100 - 150 mm for small or large sauna heaters.
  • Available as 8 kg, 20 kg or 25 kg packages.
  • Regular controls for optimal quality and safety - every batch will be inspected. Regular practical tests.