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EOS Emolux 3S / 3S+


LED colour light system of the latest generation for saunas.

LED coloured light panel for saunas. Suitable for saunas, thanks to the protective glass screen with wooden frame. Recessed installation into the sauna ceiling.

Very even illumination of the entire screen surface. High light output with brilliant, rich colours. Dimmable (voltage based). Three basic colours (RGB), various mixed colours possible. Soft colour transitions without abrupt switching. For installation in sauna ceilings. 6-pin connector.

“RC” models include built-in control system with a wireless remote controller (20 m range). Other models require an external control system - e.g. EOS coloured light control module SBM-FL or LED control system.



Item no.

EOS Emolux 3S AB



EOS Emolux 3S TE

Thermo aspen


EOS Emolux 3S RC AB*



EOS Emolux 3S RC TE*

Thermo aspen


EOS Emolux 3S+ AB



EOS Emolux 3S+ TE

Thermo aspen


EOS Emolux 3S+ RC AB*



EOS Emolux 3S+ RC TE*

Thermo aspen


  • LED coloured light system for ceiling installation in sauna cabins.
  • Resistant to high sauna temperatures thanks to the special protective glass screen with wooden frame (Abachi wood).
  • High light intensity with rich, powerful colours. Full surface illumination. Seamless colour transitions.
  • Dimmable light intensity (voltage based LEDs).
  • Recessed installation in sauna ceiling.
  • Three basic colours (RGB), various mixed colours possible.
  • Power: EOS Emolux 3S - 36 W, EOS Emolux 3S+ - 72 W
  • Control options:
    • Control module SBM-FL75/150 in conjunction with the control units: EOS EmoTec / EmoStyle / EmoTouch 3.
    • Stand-alone controller 230 V with a wireless remote control.

Power rating (EOS Emolux 3S / 3S+)

36 W / 72 W

Power supply

24 V DC

Wall aperture for installation (EOS Emolux 3S / 3S+)

275 x 275 mm / 485 x 275 mm

Dimensions frame, L x W x D (EOS Emolux 3S / 3S+)

315 x 315 x 80 mm / 525 x 315 x 80 mm

Weight without packaging (EOS Emolux 3S / 3S+)

3,0 kg / 4,5 kg