Compact size version of the underbench sauna heater Invisio Midi.

Invisio is a special range of the unique concealed „underbench“ sauna heaters, which are installed under the sauna benches with a partition wall with only a 10 cm gap to the main sauna wall.

Thanks to their construction and particular installation, Invisio heaters offer high safety standards and save a lot of valuable space in the cabin. There is no more risk of accidentally touching the heater and your sauna will look more spacious inside.

In spite of the hidden installation, traditional water splashes are of course still possible. All Invisio heaters include a stainless steel water funnel with a silicone tube. The special gutter inside the heater spreads the water over the entire heater width to ensure quick evaporation.

The very compact Invisio Mini is ideal for private operations of the Finnish sauna - only 66 cm width. 15 kg rock store, no contact between stones and heating elements. Includes safety grill and water infusion set.

15 kg sauna stones included in delivery.


Your advantages:

  • High user safety, thanks to the concealed installation.
  • Service-friendly construction.
  • Still allows classic water splashes on the rocks - water infusion set with stainless steel funnel is included.
  • Includes safety grill - reliable protection against objects falling down on the heater.
  • Optimized heating performance, thanks to the special position of heating elements - for faster heat-up times.
  • Robust construction. Adjustable height (+/- 12 cm).
  • Space-saving design - only 10 cm required for the screen wall.
  • Ideal for saunas up to 8 m³ - allows more bench space in the cabin.
  • 15 kg rock store, stones included in delivery.
Power Item no.
3.00 kW 94.5708 - Invisio Mini
4.50 kW 94.5709 - Invisio Mini
6.00 kW 94.5710 - Invisio Mini
3,0 kW 94.5810 - Invisio Mini Anthracite
4,5 kW 94.5811 - Invisio Mini Anthracite
6,0 kW 94.5812 - Invisio Mini Anthracite


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