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Mythos Cubius stones


CUBIUS STONES FOR MYTHOS - Be different. Be unique. Express yourself.

The uniquely shaped Mythos Cubius stones bring sauna design to absolute perfection. With the new colour editions they allow you to add your own individual touch to the design of your sauna heater by using various heights, colour combinations or the innovative Cubius Loop models.

And it is more than just a “design thing”. Cubius stones allow you to enjoy infusions for even longer and improve the performance of your heater.

Exclusive cubic shape stones made of solid soap stone. Available either without any finish or in special colour editions - champagne, black or white.

The colour edition stones have a special heat- and scratch resistant coating that will not discolour however hot things get.

The colour edition stones are included with all Mythos colour edition heaters (white, black, bronze, red, B&W limited edition).

Item no.
94.5520 - Set for S35 (20 piece / nature)
94.5521 - Set for S45 (24 piece / nature)
94.5938 - Set for S35 (20 piece / white)
94.5939 - Set for S45 (24 piece / white)
94.5942 - Set for S35 (20 piece / black)
94.5985 - Set for S45 (24 piece / black)
94.6113 - Set for S35 (20 piece / bronze)
94.6114 - Set for S45 (24 piece / bronze)