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EOS Bi-O Max


Premium class, floor-standing sauna heater with integrated vaporizer

For flexible climate settings with humidity operation - from dry and hot to mild and steamy, herbal bath and others. Sauna heater, optimal for private and commercial use.

Vaporizer at the right-hand side, with herbs holder. Dry-run protection with acoustic alarm. Water level indication at the front panel. 8 l water tank, manual filling.

Timeless, elegant design, die-cast aluminium top and front panel cover, anthracite pearl effect finish. Completely made of stainless steel. Extra large rock store ensures high temperature stability and great water evaporation capacity for powerful water splashes. No contact between stones and heating elements. Large side channels ensure optimal air convection for fast heat up time.

Rock store fits approx. 60 kg stones.


Optional: Essence tray set, herbs bowl set, herbs bowl with wave-shaped holder

PowerItem no.
9,0 kW94.2317
12,0 kW94.2318
15,0 kW94.3922

  • Flexible sauna climate settings.
  • 2 kW vaporizer with stainless steel water tank. Manual filling (automatic filling optionally possible).
  • Optional accessories: large herbs bowl or aroma tray for mounting on the heater.
  • High performance sauna heater with durable, long-lasting construction. Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Timeless design, die-cast aluminium top and front cover, anthracite pearl effect finish outer shell.
  • Optimal for intensive commercial use.
  • Service-friendly construction - rock store above heating elements.
  • Improved air convection, thanks to the large side channels - very fast heat-up time and continuously high performance.
  • Extra-large rock store for powerful water splashes and temperature stability.
  • Rock store fits approx. 60 kg stones.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N AC 50 Hz

Power Vaporizer

2,0 kW 8 l

Fuse protection (control unit)

3 x 16 A

Fuse protection (LSG)

3 x 16 A / no (only 9,0 kW)

Dimensions H/W/D, in cm

92,5 / 50 / 50

For sauna cabin size (9,0 / 12,0 / 15,0 kW)

9 - 14 m³ / 14 - 18 m³ / 18 - 25 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (9,0 / 12,0 / 15,0 kW)

35 x 6 cm / 35 x 7 cm / 35 x 9 cm

Weight withouth rocks

49 kg

Stone filling

60 kg

Power extension required

EMOTEC L09 R / no (only 9,0 kW)