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EOS Cubo Avantgarde black


Premium class sauna heater for private and commercial saunas

Floor-standing model for the Finnisch (dry) sauna. Striking, distinctive design thanks to the stylish rock store extension frame with white quartz stones. The luxurious matt black finish on all sides perfectly completes the design - great for installation in the centre or in front of glass panels.

Very space-saving design, flat rear side with recessed terminal box. Service-friendly construction - heating elements above rock store with no contact to sauna stones. Optimized air convection and rock store size ensure effective heat-up times and powerful water splashing.

15 kg rounded white quartz stones included in the delivery.

Notice: Lay quarz stones above the regular 25 kg sauna stones.


Item no.

9,0 kW


12,0 kW


  • Robust, durable and service-friendly construction,
  • With rock store attachment and inclusive quartz stones.
  • Luxurious black finish on all sides including the top.
  • Suitable for private and commercial saunas.
  • Compact size - only 38,5 cm depth.
  • Uniform appearance on all sides - perfect for installation in front of glass panel or in the centre of the sauna.
  • 25 kg sauna stones + 15 kg quartz stones included in the delivery.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N AC 50 Hz

Fuse protection (control unit)

3 x 16 A

Fuse protection (LSG) (9,0/12,0 kW)

- / 3 x 16 A

Dimensions H/W/D, in cm

72 / 40 / 38,5

For sauna cabin size (9,0/12,0 kW)

9 - 14 m³ / 14 - 18 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (9,0/12,0 kW)

35 x 6 cm / 35 x 7 cm

Weight withouth rocks

28 kg

Stone filling

25 kg + 15 kg quartz stones

Power extension required (9,0/12,0 kW)

no / EMOTEC L09 R