EmoStyle Di / Hi

EmoStyle Di - Innovative premium-class sauna control unit for dry (Finnish) sauna operation.

EmoStyle Hi - Innovative premium-class sauna control unit for dry and humid sauna operation with humidity control.


Luxury class electronic control system for private and commercial operation. Features a special design display panel with glass front, colour TFT display and a stylish wooden inlay cut of acer or walnut with capacitive buttons. With the remote display panel and separated relay box. Innovative operating concept allows quick and intuitive operation.

For installations inside sauna cabins. All functions as the EmoStyle D control unit.

Choice of 4 designs of the display panel:

  • White glass with acer inlay
  • White glass with walnut inlay
  • Black glass with acer inlay
  • Black glass with walnut inlay

EmoStyle Hi: Like EmoStyle Di, but additionally with humidity control. For all EOS Bi-O type sauna heaters.


Features and benefits:

  • Premium class electronic sauna control unit for demanding designoriented private and commercial use.
  • Display panel suitable for installations inside sauna cabins.
  • Stylish glass design display panel with natural wood inlay. Innovative operation via capacitive buttons.
  • Black or white design with acer or walnut wood inlays.
  • TFT colour display with multi-language navigation, 18 languages.
  • Additional functions and features can be added with extension modules.
  • EmoStyle Hi with the additional convenient features:
    • Additionally with humid sauna operation control - suitable for all EOS Bi-O type sauna heaters.
    • Humidity control - proportional to time (for constant steam production) or as per relative air humidity with an optional humidity sensor (exact rel. air humidity control in %).
    • Large scope of additional functions - sauna-dry mode with adjustable temperature and fan operation, smart-heat in humid mode and much more.
    • Guided setup menu, pin code protected service level for extended settings and fine tuning, special innovative functions.
    • Supports additional bench sensor and humidity sensor.

Item no.

94.6393 - EmoStyle Di white acer

94.6392 - EmoStyle Di black acer

94.6417 - EmoStyle Di white walnut

94.6416 - EmoStyle Di black walnut



Item no.
94.6317 - EmoStyle Hi white acer
94.6241 - Emostyle Hi black acer
94.6415 - EmoStyle Hi white walnut
94.6414 - EmoStyle Hi black walnut


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