SteamRock Premium

Luxury class steam generator for steam rooms. Ideal for demanding private and commercial clients.

Construction based on the SteamRock Basic model. Enhanced automatic descaling system. Innovative construction with externally placed heating elements.

Includes integrated luxury control system with a remote 7” colour touch screen display panel in EmoTouch 3 design (5 m cable included). Full range of settings and functions. Including extended setup, special tuning and the possibility to connect various extension modules.

Integrated essence dosing system for 2 different essences, thanks to 2 built-in peristaltic pumps. Volt-free outputs for external floor and bench heating. 230 V outputs for 2 fans and cabin lighting.

Power output adjustable on site. Simple and quick wall installation. Service-friendly construction. Extra-large 1 1/4" steam output for efficient and low noise operation. Fully automatic operation including automatic descaling and draining.

Includes temperature sensor with 5 m cable.

Optional 5 l essence container with level probe.

EmoTouch 3 display panel allows to control up to 7 additional saunas or steam rooms (requires additional extension modules or steam generators).


Your advantages:

  • Stable steam production by any water quality.
  • New, innovative construction - heating elements mounted outside water tank without direct contact to water, no associated problems with scale deposits on heating elements.
  • For very demanding private and commercial users with particular demands for visual design and functions.
  • With EmoTouch 3 control panel - the 7” colour touch screen display can be installed up to 50 m away from the steam generator.
  • Innovative operation via the visual graphic interface optimized for steam room control. Full range of functions and special fine tuning features.
  • Allows quick connection of further generators. Allows connection and control of separate steam rooms and saunas (up to 8 cabins) from one display.
  • Suitable for hammam operation thanks to the optional floor, bench and wall temperature sensors. Control for light, 2 fans, volt-free output.
  • Power output can be adjusted on site. 1 unit covers 3 - 4 power ranges.
  • Built-in essence dosing system for 2 fragrances with 2 peristaltic pumps.
  • Integrated automatic cleaning sytem (with descaling).
  • Includes steam outlet, brass union for steam output, water hose.
Power Item no.
3.0 / 6.0 / 9.0 kW 94.5965 with control unit in black
9.0 / 12.0 / 15.0 / 18.0 kW 94.5968 with control unit in black
3.0 / 6.0 / 9.0 kW 94.5966 with control unit in white
9.0 / 12.0 / 15.0 / 18.0 kW 94.5957 with control unit in white
3.0 / 6.0 / 9.0 kW 94.6636 without control unit
9.0 / 12.0 / 15.0 / 18.0 kW 94.6637 without control unit



Power Item no.


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