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Safety for your Sauna

EOSafe is an innovative safety solution for sauna cabins.

EOSafe L - for supervision of the sauna heater through a light ray solution with an emitter/receiver on the ceiling and a 25 or 50 mm reflector mounted on the heater. Set includes control unit, emitter/receiver unit, reflector and cables.

EOSafe D - safety solution based on door supervision. The system is able to detect an unauthorized opening of the door and through this ensure due safety. Set includes control unit, RFID device (for glass doors), authorization chip, cables.

The EOSafe is also available as a combination of the "L" and "D" solutions with one cental controller.

Power supply: 230V 1N AC

Compatible sauna controls: Econ D4/H4, Emotec series, EmoStyle series, EmoTouch 3 series. Connection through S-Bus.


Item no.

EOSafe L with 25 mm reflector


EOSafe L with 50 mm reflector


EOSafe D (door supervision)


EOSafe L & D, with 25 mm reflector


EOS EOSafe L & D, with 50 mm reflector