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Coloured light control module (SBM-FL75/150)

Extension module

Coloured light module for LED lamps.

Allows to connect and control almost any RGB or white light LED light (e.g. LED-spots, LED-strips, etc.) via sauna control unit. No driver needed, LEDs are connected directly to the module.

Compatible with voltage-controlled (0 - 24 V) and with currentcontrolled (0 - 3000 mA) LED lamps.

Output: RGB (3 separately adjustable channels) and white light (may be synchronized with the main light). In Emotec design housing.

Available with two power outputs: 75 W and 150 W.

Not compatible with RGB LED strips with the common „+“ line.

Compatible control units:

  • Emotec series
  • Emo-Style series
  • EmoTouch 3


Item no.

Size (HxWxD)

SBM-FL75 module  coloured light, 75 W


270 x 195 x 100 mm

SBM-FL150 module coloured light, 150 W


270 x 300 x 100 mm