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Herkules S25 Vapor


The Hercules S25 series are elegant, compact-size floor-standing heaters for private and commercials saunas.

Side panels in anthracite pearl effect finish and brushed stainless steel provide a distinctive high contrast, straight-ligned design.

Thanks to the flat rear side panel with the recessed terminal block these heaters may be installed in front of glass panels.

The 'vapor' version is based on the Herkules S25 model and features a built-in 2 kW vaporizer (manual refilling) which allows to create various climate forms, from a traditional dry Finnish sauna to a mild steamy sauna or a herbal bath. An elegant stainless steel holder for essences allows to turn your sauna to a herbal bath or fill it with pleasant fragrances.


Optional: Heater guard rail with mounting brackets.

PowerItem no.
7,5 kW94.4324
9,0 kW94.4325

Electrical connection

400 V 3N AC 50 Hz

Dimensions H/W/D, in cm

75 / 45 / 38,5

For sauna cabin size (7.5 / 9 kW)

8 - 12 m³ / 10 - 14 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (7.5 / 9 kW)

35 x 5 cm / 35 x 6 cm

Fuse protection control unit

3 x 16 A

Weight withouth rocks

25,5 kg

Stone filling

25 kg

Power extension required