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EOS BlackRock


Premium class sauna heater for dry Finnish sauna operation.

Optimal for intensive commercial operation.

Durable construction made of stainless steel with extra large side channels for stable air convection. Available in two distinctive designs:

  • High-contrast design with side panels with anthracite finish and corners made of polished stainless steel. Top cover of polished stainless steel.
  • "Black Line"* design with all sides and top with stylish matt black finish.

EOS BlackRock looks the same on all sides, no typical rear side - ideal for installation in front of glass panels or by central position. Cable connection on the bottom.

Service friendly construction - no contact between heating elements and sauna stones. Rock store positioned above the heating elements block.

Rock store fits approx. 40 kg stones.

Optional: Mounting brackets for guard rail, guard rail with mounting brackets in anthracite or black


Item no.

12,0 kW


15,0 kW


18,0 kW


12,0 kW - black*


15,0 kW - black*


18,0 kW - black*


  • Contemporary cubism-style design.
  • Uniform appearance on all sides - great for installation in front of glass or in the centre (cable feeds on the bottom).
  • Service-friendly construction. No contact between stones and heating elements block.
  • Reinforced stainless steel construction, great for intensive commercial use.
  • Rock store fits up to 40 kg stones.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N AC 50 Hz

Fuse protection control unit

3 x 16 A

Fuse protection LSG unit

3 x 16 A

Dimensions H/W/D, in cm

83 / 55,5 / 55,5

For sauna cabin size (12/15/18 kW)

14 -18 m³ / 18 -25 m³ / 24 -30 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (12/15/18 kW)

35 x 7 cm / 35 x 9 cm / 35 x 11 cm

Weight withouth rocks

40 kg

Stone filling

40 kg

Power extension required