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General Terms and Conditions of Service

I. Scope

Unless otherwise agreed in writing in a specific case, these terms and conditions of service shall apply to service operations, including examining and repairing complaints. All our existing or future legal relationships shall be governed solely by the following terms and conditions of service. Our recognition of any conflicting terms and conditions of the Ordering Party shall be conditional upon our having given our express written consent to their applicability. We hereby expressly object to any terms and conditions of the Ordering Party contained in its General Terms and Conditions of Business or order confirmation. If order confirmations or deliveries are accepted without reservation, this shall not be deemed to constitute recognition of such terms and conditions. Any ancillary agreements or amendments must be confirmed in writing.

II. Prices and Payment Terms

The following expenses arising in connection with the Service Processing borne by the client:       

  • Disassembly/assembly and electrical (de-) installation
  • Transportation, shipping and handling
  • Function testing and troubleshooting including inspection and repair costs

There shall be no third-party billing.

III. Performance Obligations / Ordering Party's Cooperation

The Ordering Party shall provide free-of-charge assistance to the manufacturer in carrying out the service operation. In the case of a warranty claim, the manufacturer shall make the replacement parts necessary for the service available to the Ordering Party free of charge.

IV. Service Visit by the manufacturer

In the event that it is essential that a manufacturer employee carry out the service operation on site, this must be agreed in advance. Where the main reason for the service call is not the fault of  the manufacturer, any costs incurred shall be recharged to the Ordering Party after the service visit.

V. Liability

The manufacturer shall assume liability in accordance with the currently applicable statutory regulations. The packaging for all of our products is designed for the shipping of individually packed goods (pallet). We expressly point out that our packaging is not suitable for individual shipments via parcel post. The manufacturer shall accept no liability for damage incurred as a result of improper packaging in an individual shipment.

VI. Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer's warranty shall apply only in the event that installation, operation and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications contained in the assembly instructions and instructions for use.

  • The warranty period shall commence from the date on which proof of purchase is provided and shall be limited, in principle, to 24 months.
  • Warranty services shall be performed only if the proof of purchase relating to the equipment can be presented.
  • Any and all warranty claims shall become void if modifications are made to the equipment without the manufacturer's express consent.
  • Any warranty claim shall likewise become void in the case of defects that arise due to repairs or interventions made by unauthorized persons or due to improper use.
  • In the case of warranty claims, the serial and article numbers must be indicated together with the designation and a meaningful description of the fault.
  • This warranty shall cover defective equipment parts, with the exception of normal wear parts. Wear parts shall include, among other things, light sources, starters, gas or oil pressure dampers as well as acrylic glass panes, tubular heating elements and sauna heater stones.
  • Only original replacement parts may be used within the warranty.
  • Service visits by outside companies shall require a written order to be issued by our service department.
  • The equipment in question shall be sent to our service department by the Ordering Party and at its expense.
  • Electrical assembly and installation work, including in the event of service or replacement, shall be carried out at the Customer's expense and shall not be borne by the manufacturer.

Complaints in respect of our products shall be reported to the specialist trader responsible and shall be exclusively handled via the latter. The manufacturers General Terms and Conditions of Business, as amended, shall apply in addition to the foregoing terms and conditions of service.

As of 06/2015