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Light therapy

the new form of relaxation

The heart of the sauna

The desire to make your home sauna into a "wellness oasis" can be realised with control units in connection with coloured light devices (see products / coloured light). 

Besides classical sweating in the Finnish sauna and the humid hot air bath with the EOS steam systems, enjoy the multifaceted, positive properties of the spectral colours with the coloured light application.

The high-quality workmanship of the coloured light equipment with a stainless steel casing including heat-resistant plastic side elements as well as an aluminium reflector in the interior and the safety glass pane guarantee a long service life.

The design of the control units in the proven EOS design in connection with the user-friendly electronics, which we developed ourselves, guarantee a high standard of quality.

The effect of the colours

The mental affect of colours takes place through the eyes.From there, the rays of colour penetrate deep into the brain as a result of complex processes, where their full effect develops in the form of specific visions and energies. The nerves' absorbing of the colour leads to a revitalisation of the body's immune system. Specific systems of the body respond and are activated, depending on the type of colour. The physical absorption mainly takes place through the skin through direct colour radiation.

The chemical absorption of all colours takes place in the stomach and intestinal tract in the form of dairy products.

BLUE, the colour of the sky and water is connected with desire, distance, and cold. Coldness slows down bodily functions. This is the reason why blue has a calming and relaxing effect and can help in the event of nervous disorders, insomnia, restlessness, and states of anxiety. 

GREEN is the colour of nature. Green light calms and inspires at the same time. It provides recovery and regeneration. The green light is supposed to have a positive effect on the bronchial passages and lungs and be helpful with nervous disorders, headaches, and arthritis.

YELLOW is supposed to increase the positive attitude towards life and the general sense of wellbeing. Yellow colours can stimulate and strengthen the nerves as well as drive away low spirits and melancholy; stomach and intestinal disorders can be settled.

RED is associated with fire and blood. It is the colour of activity, vitality, and heat. Red is supposed to stimulate circulation and consequently contribute to a generally increased sense of well-being and vitality.