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Gas-powered sauna heater-systems from KUSATEK

for event and large-scale facilities

The experience culture is on the advance in the sauna area and is enjoying increasing popularity beyond German borders. In addition to the thematization of sauna cabins, the size of the individual saunas is increasing. Cabins with over 100 m² and for more than 150 guests are a structural challenge, not only for sauna builders, but also for operators who have to cope with the investment and annual operating costs.

KUSATEK offers you the ideal solution here.

Everyone knows that you can buy a suit off the shelf or have it tailor-made. With our solutions, we show that both are also possible with a sauna heater.

Gas-powered sauna heater-systems from KUSATEK are available in the form of a standard solution, as well as an individual special solution that is tailored to your wishes and requirements.

With the size, intensity of use and number of your saunas, KUSATHERM heaters are becoming more and more economical for you.

In addition, the residual heat can be used sustainably for other areas, e.g. showers, floors or walkways.

The powerhouses from KUSATEK not only stand out due to their high economic efficiency, but also ensure powerful water splashes and are characterized by their effective heat storage.

A further advantage is the decentralized, robust and low-maintenance engineering.

We would be happy to advise you on the various options for operating your sauna cost-efficiently.



  • The lowest heaters for water splash ceremonies available on the market with a height of max. 80 cm.
  • Tailor-made for your premises.
  • No heater in its class has more sauna stones (up to 1,400 kg) and a higher heat storage capacity.
  • Unique sauna infusion experiences for large amounts of water.
  • HOT button for the optimal stone temperature for daily water splash ceremonies and events.
  • Optimal working climate through supply air control.
  • Use of the residual heat by means of exhaust gas heat exchangers for your showers, floors, walkways, etc.
  • Decentralized, robust and low-maintenance engineering.




We offer attractive financing models.

We would be happy to advise you on the various options for operating your sauna cost-efficiently.


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