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Sauna bathing is healthy


Regular sauna sessions are not only relaxing, they are also very healthy! The metabolism is boosted, the immune system is strengthened and the cardiovascular system is optimally trained through the alternation of heat and cold stimuli.

Health & weight loss

First of all, a few widely mistaken beliefs should be cleared up: People do lose weight through using saunas, but do not become slim as a result of this. The actual weight lost is purely due to the “flushing out” of bodily fluids.

During a sauna session, your skin warms up by 2 - 4 °C. The sensation of heat is relatively strong and your body fights this by producing sweat. Its evaporation cools the skin down. The first production of sweat is, for the most part, not taken seriously, as due to the high temperatures, the sweat evaporates directly off the skin. The temperature inside your body increases steadily; however not too intensely or too quickly. Users with blood pressure problems or heart conditions should consult their doctor before visiting a sauna. From experience, it is known that taking a sauna can have an extremely favourable effect on your well-being and athletes cure their muscle injuries through using saunas.

Saunas offer physical and spiritual relaxation, improvement in performance and improved blood vessel function.

Strengthening of the immune system

Health awareness and reflection on one's own well-being increase, because one's own health and that of our loved ones is the greatest good and it is important to preserve it.

The human body needs warmth because warmth is energy that has positive effects on our health and mood. For many people, regular sauna visits have become an important contribution for the prevention of illnesses. It has been proven that regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and help to stay healthy.

Just one sauna session per week is enough to have positive effects on the body. The likelihood of getting a flu or a flu-like infection can be minimized. In addition to strengthening the immune system, the cardiovascular system is trained, the complexion improves and stress is reduced.

Sauna visits

Most sauna-goers visit the sauna once a week, a few go twice a week.

Improvement to blood circulation lasts around one week. This means that if you regularly repeat this (on a weekly basis) you can increase your tolerance to colds and flu.

During a sauna bath you should repeat the “sweating/cooling off” process 2-3 times.

We recommend beginners start by doing this twice.

Prevention of high blood pressure

Approximately one in three adults worldwide suffer from high blood pressure.

The World Health Organization (WHO) even classifies high blood pressure as one of the greatest global health risks. The long-term effects of high blood pressure could lead to a heart attack, stroke or kidney disease, among other things.

Regular sauna sessions can prevent high blood pressure problems from developing. As long as you observe the basic precautionary measures for taking a sauna, regular sauna sessions can permanently lower your blood pressure and ensure well-being and relaxation.

However, people with blood pressure problems or heart disease should consult a doctor before going to the sauna to be on the safe side.

Sauna bathing relieves headaches

According to several studies, regular sauna sessions can prevent headaches.

Apart from the temperature change when taking a sauna, during which the vessels are trained among other things, sauna fragrances provide relaxation as well as refreshment. Furthermore, oils and essences with menthol increase the ability to concentrate and help against migraines.

Headaches, migraines or insomnia are symptoms that are less common in warm countries. For inhabitants in colder regions️, taking a sauna is therefore an effective method of reducing such problems.

Sauna bathing helps with problems falling asleep

Approximately 80% of the people in Germany have problems falling asleep.

Regular sauna sessions can have a positive effect on your sleep! Sauna bathing stimulates the relaxation nerve. Furthermore, falling asleep faster and less waking up phases at night are among other things the result of pleasant exhaustion after the sauna bath.

For sauna beginners, going to the sauna in the evening could initially have a refreshing rather than tiring effect and consequently lead to poorer sleep. However, if you go to the sauna regularly, this will subside after a short time.

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