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Comforting warmth for body and soul

Infrared cabins are becoming increasingly popular, primarily because they are instantly ready for operation and do not need much space. Nevertheless, there are still some uncertainties in connection to infrared radiation and prospective benefits.

What is infrared?

All sun rays reach our planet as so called global radiation after they have been weakened at the entry into the earth’s atmosphere. This radiation will be divided into UV radiation, visible light and infrared radiation, short IR radiation. But it is not only the sun that generates IR radiation. Because every “warm” object – and this is every object with a temperature above absolute zero (approx. -273 degree Celsius) – emits IR radiation. The warmer an object is, the more energy in the form of IR radiation it emits and the shorter is the wave length of the radiation.

Infrared (“infra”, lat. = “below”) lies below the red end of the visible light spectrum. The infrared spectrum covers the wavelength range from ~800 to 10,000 nanometers (IR-A - IR-C).

IR rays are not visible for the human eye but will be perceived by our skin as heat. Thus, it is commonly referred to as heat radiation. This effect is also commonly known: If we are in the sun, we are warm. In the shade, however, it is instantly feeling colder, even though the air temperature is equal for both conditions, in the sun and in the shade. However, for the warming of the air the IR radiation is not responsible.


How does it work?







Short wave radiation

Medium wave radiation

Long wave radiation

Skin depth



Upper skin

Upper skin



Depth warming

Warming of the upper skin

Warming of the upper skin

It must be differentiated between IR-A (short wave IR = 0,76 – 1,4 μm), IR-B (medium wave IR = 1,4 – 3 μm) and IR-C (long wave IR = 3,0 – 10 μm). One sub-range of the short wave IR-A radiation contains the largest amount of energy and can, in contrast to the medium and long wave IR-B and IR-C radiation, reach into the sub-skin.

By means of the depth warming rays ((IR-A) the body temperature will be built up from inside (jogging effect), it causes an even more intensive sweating and a more efficient purification. By comparison, the long wave (IR-C) and/or the medium wave (IR-B) rays warm only the upper skin layer.

Advantages of the IR radiation:

  • The warming process dilates the lymph channels and activates the perspiration.
  • Relaxed tissue will better be supplied with blood causing a more effective degeneration of scars, sprains, contusions, wounds and inflammations.
  • For the after-treatment of sports injuries or muscle pains after the workout IR radiation is beneficial.
  • In the case of rheumatism or lumbago positive effects can be achieved.
  • The better blood circulation can optimise the transport of oxygen in the body.
  • Even for the skin and possible skin impurities the better blood circulation can have positive effects.
  • Metabolism and circulation will be activated.
  • IR rays can be beneficial for the prevention of heart and circulation diseases.
  • Relaxation, stress elimination and sense of well-being will be enhanced.
  • IR radiation causes processes that will purify the body and reduce acidic levels.

Some operating tips

When visiting the IR cabin, a few tips will help to increase relaxation:

  • Take time for yourself. Regard the way to the IR cabin as time purposefully invested in your own well being.
  • Preheat the booth a little, in order to make sure that the temperature is comfortably warm when you enter.
  • It is advisable to take a shower and wipe off afterwards before you use the booth.
  • Position opposite to the heater, since the heat radiation is emitted horizontally from the heat source. Sit comfortably.
  • You should use a towel as underlay. Even if you e.g. lean at the cabin wall with your back, you should also use a towel.
  • In order to achieve an overall penetration of the IR rays, change your sitting position from time to time.
  • Do not look directly into the IR heater without suitable eye protection.
  • The ideal stay in a IR cabin takes approx. 15 - 40 minutes. However, you should always rely on your own perceptions and feelings, always depending on your state of health.
  • Take care that you drink enough after your stay in the booth, at best isotonic beverages.
  • In the end, it is your personal feeling that decides on the dosage and “the rules” – and thus on the pleasure.


Do I have to choose between IR- and sauna cabin?
No. IR- and sauna cabins differ in intentions and kinds of application. They fulfill needs of different target groups and/or partly needs of the same target group, but at different times. Sauna bathing and the stay in a IR cabin do not compete and do not exclude each other. Both applications rather complement one another.

Do I lose weight with IR radiation?
Without any doubt, IR radiation and the warming of the skin gently activate the human metabolism. It is likewise right that sweating causes reductions in weight. But it is not appropriate to refer to IR radiation as a “fat burner”. The reduction in weight caused by ullage will be refilled by drinking.

Is IR radiation dangerous?
No, only such devices or heaters that exclusively generate IR-A radiation should be reserved for therapeutical usages by trained healthcare personnel. This is important since this form of radiation can penetrate the skin so extensively that it virtually “bypasses” the protective mechanisms of our body, which could cause an increase of the core temperature (hyperthermia).


Differences between IR and sauna



IR cabin


Operating requirements

Earth contact type plug, 230 Volt connection

Depending on sauna type up to 400 Volt three phase current

Heating period

0-20 depending on device

45-60 minutes


IR-radiation reaches skin and penetrates it, ambient air will be heated only insignificantly

Strong convection, heated air heats the body, high IR-C radiant heat


approx. 30-50° Celsius

approx. 70-110° Celsius

Resting time

approx. 15-30 minutes, depending on sauna round, max. 40 minutes

Repeatedly approx. 15 minutes

Bathing sessions


approx. 3

Necessary time

approx 15-40 minutes

With 3 rounds and rest period approx. 2 hours


According to needs, lukewarm to cold



  • Flavors
  • Coloured light
  • Music/acoustic
  • Aromatic treatment (flavours, herbs, honey etc.)
  • Coloured light
  • Music/acoustic

Effects (with regular usage)

Heats and relaxes muscles, dilates lymph channels

„cold-hot“ change trains vessels and strengthens the immune system


EOS Infrared systems 

Comforting warmth for body and soul – with infrared systems from EOS you will create the perfect basis for your relaxation.

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