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Sauna Guide

Taking a sauna the right way


There are countless opinions on the "right" sauna bathing. Please consider the following information as recommendations only. In the course of time individual rituals arise. We hope you have fun discovering them for yourself.

Taking a sauna doesn't just mean relaxing from everyday life, with regular sauna sessions you can also do something good for your health and strenghten your immune system.

A sauna session includes the warm-up phase and the cool-down phase followed by a rest phase.

As a rule, one sauna session is followed by up to two more sauna sessions in the same way.

In the following we would like to show you the general procedure for sauna bathing:

Before the sauna: Preparation phase

- First of all, the complete undressing in the dressing area of the sauna facility

- Use the toilette if necessary

- Take a shower and then dry off

- If necessary, take warm foot bath

In the sauna:

- After entering the sauna, select the place that you want, e.g. on the middle or upper bench, and sit completely on the towel that you brought along (spread out).

- If there is enough room, first of all lay down; otherwise sit with your legs drawn up slightly.

- Add water if necessary, whereby you should be in the pre-sweat phase for 5 - 10 minutes before adding water, enjoy adding the water as a "climax" for approximately 6 - 8 minutes, and then possibly go into a post-sweat phase for 1 - 2 minutes.

- Usually, the time spent in the sauna (Finnish sauna) is approximately 10 to 15 minutes as a rule.

- You should spend the last 2 minutes sitting upright.

- Leave the sauna quietly (please not when the water is added).

After the sauna: Cool-down phase (possibly with a quiet phase)

- Spend approximately 2 minutes in fresh air to fill up with oxygen and to cool the respiratory tract.

- Cold water applications: e.g. cold water shower, flood shower, or Kneipp hose and possibly a plunge bath. The cold water applications cause the skin to cool.

- Hot foot bath: Put your feet into ankle-deep hot water that is approximately 40°C. By the blood vessels expanding, the internal heat can pass to the outside through increased circulation to the skin resulting in the body cooling down.

- If necessary, take a quiet break.


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