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The most important terms regarding sauna and wellness.

Infrared rays

All sun rays reach our planet as so called global radiation after they have been weakened at the entry into the earth’s atmosphere. This radiation will be divided into UV radiation, visible light and infrared radiation, short IR radiation. But it is not only the sun that generates IR radiation. Because every “warm” object – and this is every object with a temperature above absolute zero (approx. -273 degree Celsius) – emits IR radiation. The warmer an object is, the more energy in the form of IR radiation it emits and the shorter is the wave length of the radiation.

IR rays are not visible for the human eye but will be perceived by our skin as heat. Thus, it is commonly referred to as heat radiation. This effect is also commonly known: If we are in the sun, we are warm. In the shade, however, it is instantly feeling colder, even though the air temperature is equal for both conditions, in the sun and in the shade. However, for the warming of the air the IR radiation is not responsible.

The radiation emitted by an infrared radiator travels through space without using air as a medium and is absorbed by objects it hits. Long-wave infrared rays are already absorbed in the uppermost layers of the skin when they hit the skin, while the short-wave rays of the Vitae radiator penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

The space-saving infrared heating foils are available for the infrared cabin, so that you do not have to pass on the beneficial and healing warmth of the infrared rays.


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