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The most important terms regarding sauna and wellness.


The infusion (löyly) / water splash

In order to enjoy your first infusion, ask the person in charge of doing it how long it will last before they do it. It may be too strenuous for you if you experience a special infusion of some 12 - 15 minutes on your first visit. If you can not bear the infusion any longer, please leave the sauna cabin straight away. There may be guests who complain and say that the door should remain closed during the Infusion, but your health is more important. Don’t over estimate what you can handle at the beginning, but learn how to have a sauna slowly and carefully, as that way you will continue to enjoy this experience.

What happens during the infusion? For many guests the infusion is the genuine sauna experience: a good infusion can, above all, also considerably contribute to a feeling of well-being. As a rule, the infusion is carried out with water. Recently, however, people have been using crushed ice more and more often. The water or ice is poured on to the stones slowly with a ladle, which temporarily increases humidity in the sauna. The quality of the infusion naturally depends on the sauna, just as it depends on the sauna attendant who carries out the infusion. A good infusion will be properly commemorated and can last up to a quarter of an hour. This mostly happens in three phases, with a lot of time in between and above all: with the correct technique. This is something which people say has to be learnt, as it changes the distribution of heat in the sauna; this is what provides the guest with the actual enjoyment.


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