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The most important terms regarding sauna and wellness.

Bi-O Sauna

The temperatures in the Bi-O sauna are lower than in the classic dry (Finnish) sauna, usually around 45 - 60° Celsius with a humidity of around 40 - 55 %.

The Bi-O sauna is considered to be more gentle on the circulation and is often combined with the addition of essential oils or special lighting (light therapy). The length of the humid sauna session with approx. 15 - 30 minutes is longer than in a regular dry sauna – otherwise the procedure is the same.

The integrated vaporizer of EOS Bi-O type sauna heaters leakes the steam out next to the sauna stones so that it is spread quickly in the entire cabin. An integrated bowl allows to place oils and sauna essences to make your sauna an aromatically exhilarating experience for the senses.


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