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The most important terms regarding sauna and wellness.


Additions to the infusion are essential oils or aromas which are identical to nature. The guest will smell and feel the difference between the various types. Often the essences/oils are changed hourly: in many saunas you can also find information boards informing you when and where which essence/oil will be used. It is helpful when the sauna attendant explains which aroma is being used and what its effects are before the infusion.

Some of the various oils and aromas which are used in the infusion include: eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, conifer oil, citrus fruits (orange, lemon or mandarin) and herbs (e.g. lavender, balm and camomile). Increasingly, other fruit aromas such as apple, cherry, plum and strawberry are being used. Each guest will certainly find their favourite aroma from this variety of possibilities.


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