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EOS UV-Clean is an air disinfection unit for installation in the air supply area e. g. of a sauna or infrared cabin.

EOS UV-Clean cleans the air supply of the sauna from various infectious strains (e.g. viruses, germs and bacteria, as well as other aerosols). The outside air is drawn in by integrated fans and purified by means of the highly effective UV-C light before the air flows into the cabin. The air speeds can be set with a switch depending on the size of the sauna cabin. The radiation is prevented from escaping due to the special internal construction and at the same time the air is guided in a targeted manner.

It is only suitable for indoor use e. g. in sauna cabins. The cabin must be planned and set up according to the specifications before the EOS UV-Clean can be installed. The corresponding air supply section of the sauna cabin is covered by the air supply duct.


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