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Bench sensor

Control unit - Accessories

Bench sensor for more precise temperature regulation.

2nd temperature sensor: Bench sensor, including housing and 4 m silicone cable.

Improves temperature control, recommended especially for large saunas and cabins with complex layouts.

EOS EmoTec-/EmoStyle-/EmoTouch-series: 2nd temperature sensor (bench sensor) with beige colour housing and 5 m connection cable. Recommended for large size saunas or cabins with complex layouts. Improves temperature control, allows exact temperature monitoring at the bench level opposite to the heater. RJ10 plug.

for EOS Econ D3/H3, D4/H4
Item no.
944389 Beige
945026 Anthracite
for EOS Compact DC/HC
Item no.
947439 Beige
947440 Anthracite
for EOS EmoTec-/EmoStyle-/EmoTouch-series

Item no.