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SolTec V3

salt nebulizer for steam rooms

Salt nebulizer system for steam rooms. With micro-processor based control unit.

For up to 25 m² rooms. Dosing capacity up to 100 ml/min in continuous operation.

With top quality diaphragm pump, separate for low-noise operation. Stainless steel console V4A for 5 l politainer bags, control unit housing, stainless steel V4A injector with cover rosette PE white, mounting sleeve and 5 m dosing tube PTFE 4 x 1, dry run switch, disinfecting set.

Pre-mounted on a PE-board.

5 l politainer bag with sterile salt brine (5 % solution) included.

Optional: salt solution in 1 l or 5 l plastic bags.

Item no.

Electrical connection

230 V 50 Hz

Power consumption

350 W

Dosing capacity

up to 1,6 l/h at 5 bar

Dimensions (H/W/D)

710 x 470 x 240 mm

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