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E-Cool Wall BE


Automatic flake ice machine for concealed installation with bottom ice chute and external ice level sensor.

Allows installation above the ice bowl (ice chute on the bottom). Concealed installation for private and commercial operation.

Now available with a built-in ice level sensor for exact ice level control (e.g. installation at the ice bowl edge).

Fully automatic operation, thanks to the ice level sensor. Very low noise operation.

Up to 120 kg flaked ice production capacity per day.

Metal housing with anthracite pearl effect finish. Connections: 3/4” water supply (ice production), 3/4” water supply (cooling system), drain (melted ice), drain (cooling system).

Main on/off power switch. Pre-mounted mains cord with 230V plug.

Item no.



E-Cool Wall BE



  • Automatic flake ice machine for concealed installation.
  • With bottom ice chute - allows flexible installation options.
  • Fully automatic, very low-noise operation.
  • With a built-in or with an external ice level sensor (incl. mounting bracket and cable).
  • Stainless steel chute (tube type) included in delivery.
  • Up to 120 kg ice per day production capacity.
  • Metal housing with anthracite finish, connection on the rear side (water inlet for ice production, water drain (melting water), water inlet & drain for cooling, mains).
  • 230 V 1N ~ power supply.

Ice production capacity per day (24 h)

120 kg

Ice type

Flake ice

Average rest humidity

approx. 25 %

Dry weight

49 kg

Power supply

230 V 1N 50 Hz

Power consumption

500 W


Painted metal

Cooling method

Water based

Cooling agent

R 134a

Size W x D x H in mm

560 x 530 x 525



Power on/off switch


Water supply connection


Water drain Ø

21 mm

Water consumption l/h (ambient temperature dependant)

4 – 100 l

Ambient temperature range

+10 °C bis +40 °C

Volume (during ice production)

< 40 db