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EOS Herkules Fragrance


Essence oil tray for Herkules XL S120

Vaporizer dish arrangement with an integrated water supply. Herkules Fragrance is designed for retrofitting onto the EOS sauna heater Herkules XL S120 / XL S120 Vapor. On this sauna heater it is mounted in the middle of the left and right side wall.

It is designed to be filled with water and, if necessary, any doses of sauna infusion preparations or essential oils. No flammable substances/materials may be placed in the dishes.

Herkules Fragrance is designed for operation with an upstream automatic vaporizer dosing unit that controls the water filling quantity, the dosing cycle and the quantity of aromas.

Item no.

Supporting arm height

1058 mm

Dish holder + cover HxWxD

80 x 290 x 375 mm