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LSG Infrared for EOS EmoTouch 3

Extension module

Flexible Sauna & IR operation

The SBM-IR module allows to control infrared radiators in a sauna with only one EOS control unit.

If you prefer just an infrared cabin, then the SBM-LSG IR module is your solution.

Both models provide two 1500 W dimmable and one 500 W switchable output which you can control separately or in groups.

Item no.



  • Controls an infrared cabin with a display panel of your choice - EOS EmoTec, EmoStyle, or EmoTouch 3.
  • 3 separate output channels - 2 x dimmable, 1 x switchable.
  • Up to 5 invidual zones possible - e.g. back, front, feet.
  • Up to 3500 W total power output.
  • Up to 3 modules can be connected to one display panel.
  • Very easy and simple installation.

Power supply

230 V 1N AC

Power output

3.500 W


3 -

2 x dimmable

1 x switchable

Temperatur control

30 - 70 °C with sensor or by intensity through dimming of IR emitters

Suitable control units



EmoTouch 3

Size, HxWxD

240 x 230 x 70 mm