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EOS EmoTouch 3


With just one EOS EmoTouch 3 display you can control up to eight separate cabins

EmoTouch, once launched as a classic sauna control unit, has grown in the 4th generation to a sophisticated scalable wellness management system. Now the EOS EmoTouch 3 allows control of a wide range of wellness applications, thanks to the separate LSG modules.

Modules and cabin types:

  • LSG Sauna - for traditional saunas (dry and humid)
  • LSG Steam - for steam rooms (also with other brand generators)
  • LSG Hamam - for traditional Turkish baths (hamam) or for traditional Roman baths (Laconium, Tepidarum)
  • SteamRock Premium - for steam rooms or Moroccan baths (humid hamam)
  • LSG Infrared - for infrared warming cabins

Combine the cabins as you wish and require: In every cabin you can regulate not only the heating, but a large number of additional features like cabin light, ventilation and the special extension modules allow control of LED colour light effects, music and much more.

Item no.



EOS EmoTouch 3 black (Sauna)


EOS EmoTouch 3 white (Sauna)


EOS EmoTouch 3 black (Hammam)


EOS EmoTouch 3 white (Hammam)


EOS EmoTouch 3 Individual

The innovative touchscreen sauna control system is available in white and black design or, new, with an individual glass frame. The new 'EOS EmoTouch 3 Individual' offers infinite design possibilities – create your favorite design!

Item no.



EOS EmoTouch 3 Individual (Sauna)


EOS EmoTouch 3 Individual (Hammam)


EOS EmoTouch 3 Individual – Design examples

  • Just one exclusive rimless glass front display with the 7“ capacitive colour touch-screen display panel - makes operation faster, easier, space-saving, reasonably priced and more intuitive.
  • Multi-cabin control - one display panel replaces up to 8 separate control panels for miscellaneous cabin types - sauna, infrared, steam and more.
  • Fully redesigned graphic user interface allows direct, intuitive access to all functions and settings, including the choice of various cabin designs (themes).
  • Easy navigation with icons and clear text function description in 20 languages - (DE, EN, FR, RU, ES, NL, IT, PL, SLO, FIN, TR, CZ, RO, BG, HU, HR, SK, DK, SLK, CN).
  • Pin code protected service level for extended settings and fine tuning - allows to adjust the control to suit individual needs.
  • Innovative guided setup, clear text messaging (functions, errors) and numerous smart control functions - to make regulation simple, quick and easy as never before.
  • Premium functions - Week timer (4 programs / day) with individual climate settings.
  • Control every connected cabin individually or operate them all at once.
  • Additional functions for every cabin - coloured light, sound, fan, remote control, etc.
  • Remote control from a smartphone with a free EOS Spa Control app possible.
  • Up to 50 m installation distance between touch-screen display and sauna cabin - 5 m connection cable included.
  • Future-safe - the EOS EmoTouch 3 firmware can be easily updated on-site.
  • System backup & restore and system image function – helps to save valuable time to set up the system e.g. after a reset.
  • High safety standards comply with the latest EU norms

Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50/60 Hz

Power output

10,0 kW resistive load (extension possible: LSG 10 / LSG 18 / LSG 36),

3,0 kW for vaporizer in humid sauna mode.

Temperature control range

30 - 115 °C

Humidity control

Proportional to time (0 - 100%) or with humidity sensor (rel. %)

Heating time limitation

6 h, 12 h, unlimited

Start time pre-selection

24 h real time or week timer

Cabin light output

230 V, dimmable. Resistive, capacitive, inductive load

Fan output

230 V / max. 100 W, adjustable speed

Sensor system

Digital, inc. 5 m cable. 2nd sensor and humidity sensor optional.

Control panel (H/W/D)

142 x 202 x 42 mm