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Winner of the GOLDEN WAVE 2019

EOS Saunatechnik GmbH


EOS receives the GOLDEN WAVE innovation prize from SCHWIMMBAD + SAUNA

For the 8th time since 2005, SCHWIMMBAD + SAUNA awarded the coveted GOLDEN WAVE.

The Golden Wave in the category "sauna - infrared - steam bath - attractions & accessories" went to EOS Saunatechnik for the EOSphere sauna heater, another award went to the safety system EOSafe L.

The impressive EOSphere event heater will turn your sauna visit to a unique experience – the heated rock store can be slowly plunged down into the underlying illuminated water bowl for a spectacular steam-shock effect. The steam shock event can be launched automatically or manually. With the EOSphere the sauna world receives an attractive eye-catcher, which enriches every sauna landscape.

Safety is a top priority in the sauna. The EOSafe L, a sauna heater monitoring system, takes this issue into account. An emitter/receiver on the ceiling and a 25 or 50 mm reflector mounted on the sauna heater will check for objects on the heater before turning it on.