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Cover protection rail


Automatic cover protection system for sauna heaters with switch-off function.

If an object is placed on the cover protection rail (e.g. forgotten towel), the rail will bend down and the heater may not start or the heating will be interrupted. Once the object is removed, operation will be continued automatically.

The system consists of the stainless steel rail (frame), metal housing (anthracite finish) with the integrated switch-off mechanism.

For installation on the sauna wall above the heater. Thanks for five different rail sizes the system fits all EOS heaters. It is easy to install and to connect. By certain floor-standing heaters the system can also mounted directly on the heater using an additional mounting frame.

EOS cover protection rail is an approved, norm compliant safety solution (as per EU 60335-2-53). It may be used by sauna cabins with remote switching or remote operation and reduces the risk, that a sauna heater may be switched on in unsafe condition (e.g. towel on the heater).

The cover protection rail is highly recommended as a safety solution for instance by the use of a SBM-App module for remote sauna operation from smartphones / tablets.

Compatible with all EOS control units and almost all sauna heaters.

Item no.


Size, HWD

Compatible sauna heaters


Type 1

140 x 328 x 322 mm

EOS Thermat W (Bi-O), EOS ThermoTec S/W, EOS Bi-O Tec W, EOS 43FN, EOS Euro, EOS Cubo, EOS FinnRock, EOS Herkules / Stone S25 (Vapor), EOS Mythos S35 / S45 (Vapor)


Type 3

140 x 728 x 322 mm

EOS P1, EOS Herkules XL S50 (Vapor)


Type 4

140 x 328 x 482 mm

EOS EuroMax, EOS Bi-O Max, Germanius (Bi-O), EOS Herkules S60 (Vapor), EOS Stone S60 (Vapor), EOS Saunadome II


Type 5

140 x 728 x 482 mm

EOS 34.G, EOS Goliath, EOS Herkules XL S120 (Vapor)


Type 6

140 x 328 x 222 mm

EOS Mini W, EOS M3 W, EOS Filius W (Bi-O), EOS Gracil-series (Bi-O)