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EOS Aroma Tray


  • Example on EOS 34.G HD sauna heater.

Aroma Tray for EOS 34.G HD and Goliath HD sauna heaters

Innovative accessories for more variety and stimulating bathing sessions in your sauna.

Herb aroma tray made of high grade stainless steel. Very quick and simple installation. The herb tray is attached to the two side parts of the rock store above the sauna heater.

Add enough water to the tub. Herb or fruit slices (e.g. lemon or orange) can then be placed on top.

For a completely relaxed sauna experience!

Item no.

Suitable sauna heaters


EOS 34.G HD (Size 1: 15,0 - 21,0 kW)


EOS 34.G HD (Size 2: 24,0 - 36,0 kW)


EOS Goliath HD