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EOS Scent Trophy W


  • Application and installation example with EOS Majesty


  • Application and installation example with EOS Majesty


Designer essence bowl for saunas.

A subtle elegance in your sauna – yet the Scent Trophy is more than just a stylish accessory. It fills your sauna with wonderful scents, helping to turn each bath into a special experience.

It‘s truly universal and can be used for many applications, like for instance an aroma bath, a herbal bath or a salt inhalation.

Made of special heat-resistant quartz glass with precisely-cut swivel arm, Scent Trophy will be a fine design enhancement for your sauna. And it is very practical as well - the glass bowl can be easily removed for cleaning and the swivel arm allows to position the bowl over the heater just as you need it to create a stronger or a more gentle evaporation effect.

Fill the bowl with sauna essences or essential oils already when you start your sauna and have it filled with pleasant scents throughout the entire bathing session.

Explore more opportunities – try the included original Himalayan salt rocks to enrich the air with salt ions.

Item no.
  • Quartz-glass bowl, up to ~0.75 l volume
  • Durable stainless steel arm with swivel mechanism, anthracite finish
  • Incl. original Himalaya salt rocks, approx. 20 - 24 mm.
  • Very easy and fast wall mounting.
  • Great for sauna essences, essential oils or salt inhalation bath. One filling typically lasts for several hours.
  • Swivel mechanis allows exact position over the heater for a stronger or more gentle evaporation effect.

Net weight

1,15 kg

Filling load

max. 1,0 kg

Bowl volume

max. 0,75-0,80 l