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EOS Econ H3

Control unit, dry and humid sauna

Electronic sauna control unit (dry and humid sauna) for commercial sauna cabins.

Control unit for dry and humid sauna operation (for sauna heaters with vaporizer) with a large LCD display with multi-language menu navigation.

Extra-large, multi-line LCD display, all parameters at a glance. With 24 h pre-set timer in real time. Menu navigation in 12 languages, clock, output for cabin light 230V, Life-Guard function, remaining heating time display. With keypad lock (child lock). Safety temperature limitation 139 °C.

Switching power 9 kW, may be extended for connection of more powerful heaters. Inc. temperature sensor with 2 m cable.

Additionally with:

  • unlimited heating time (for commercial use).
  • 4 user profiles.


Optional accessories:

  • Bench Sensor: improves temperature control, recommended especially for large saunas or complex layouts.
  • F2 Humidity sensor: for humidity control as per relative air humidity in a sauna.

Item no.


  • For dry and humid sauna operation. Digital temperature control:
    • 30 °C - 115 °C (in dry Finnish sauna mode)
    • 30 °C - 70 °C (in humid sauna operation).
  • Extra-large multi-line LCD display, shows all parameters at a glance. Menu navigation in 12 languages.
  • Optimal for commercial operation.
  • Humidity control - proportional to time (10 steps) or as per relative air humidity in % with an optional humidity sensor.
  • Sauna-dry mode (after-heating and extractor fan operation to dry sauna after humid mode).
  • Switching capacity 9 kW, may be extended with an LSG device.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50 Hz

Switching capacity

9,0 kW resistive load (AC1 mode)

Humidity mode: 6 kW + 3 kW for vaporizer equipment.

Can be expanded to 36 kW via the connection of power switching devices

Power extension via LSG unit

LSG 10 / LSG 18 / LSG 36

Temperature control range

30 - 115 °C Finnish

30 - 70 °C Bi-O

Start time pre-selection

up to 24 hrs

Cabin light/fan outputs

max. 100 W

Heating time limitation

6 h, 12 h, unlimited

Dimensions H/W/D in cm

22 / 25 / 6,7

Ambient temperature in operation

-10 to +40 °C

Weight without packaging

1,0 kg