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EOS Watermill Sauna Set with Stone S60


Spectacular sauna heater with rotating wheel for commercial theme saunas and impressive infusion effects.

Theme saunas or infusions - the exclusive EOS watermill sauna heater will be a true eye-catcher in the sauna cabin and the heart of your facility.

The EOS watermill sauna heater brings „action“ in your sauna and provides spectacular steam shock effects - for an ultimate sauna experience for your sauna guests.

The watermill wheel slowly turns anti-clockwise behind the EOS Stone S60 heater. After an automatic signal, the wheel starts to rotate in the opposite direction so that the scoops pour the water directly onto the cascade over the heater, resulting in a series of powerful steam shocks. The luxurious EOS Stone S60 heater with its massive soap stone front panel perfectly complements the Watermill design.

60 kg stone volume ensures high heat storage capacity for powerful steam shocks and particularly smooth heat radiation.

Power Item no.
9,0 kW 945294
12,0 kW 945295
15,0 kW 945296