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EOS EmoStyle D / H

control unit, dry and humid sauna

Innovative premium-class control unit for dry and humid saunas.

  • EOS EmoStyle D - Innovative premium-class sauna control unit for dry (Finnish) sauna operation.
  • EOS EmoStyle H - Innovative premium-class sauna control unit for dry and humid sauna operation with humidity control. For all EOS Bi-O type sauna heaters.


Luxury class digital control system for private and commercial operation. Features an exclusive display panel with glass front, colour TFT display, capacitive buttons and separate power unit. Available in white and black design. Thanks to the innovative operating concept, the unit can be operated intuitively and quickly, and numerous functions can be reached and set very quickly.

EOS EmoStyle H: Humidity control - either in proportional to time way (allows constant steam production per given time) or with an optional humidity sensor as per relative air humidity (allows exact humidity setting per rel. air humidity in %).

Output for vaporizers up to 3 kW. With water shortage detection.

Item no.

946315 - EOS EmoStyle H white

946319 - EOS EmoStyle H black

946316 - EOS EmoStyle D white

946314 - EOS EmoStyle D black


  • Display panel available in white or black design.
  • TFT colour display with multi-language navigation, 19 languages.
  • Quick and simple operation thanks to capacitive buttons.
  • Dimmable cabin light output 230V, automatic detection of inductive and capacitive loads.
  • Output for ventilation fan 230V (3 speeds).
  • 24 h pre-set timer and extended week timer (4 programs per day possible).
  • Heating time limitation 6 h / 12 h / unlimited.
  • Display panel with screen saver and sleep mode.
  • Holiday home mode and display lock per pin code.
  • Pin code protected service level for setup and fine tuning.
  • Volt-free output.
  • Optional 2nd temperature sensor (bench sensor).
  • Remote switching or remote control via optional modules.
  • Coloured light and sound control via optional modules.
  • Quick check for pre-set and real temperature in the sauna.
  • Display panel includes bottom housing for flush-mounting or surface-mounting installation, 5 m connection cable incl.
  • Digital micro-chip based temperature sensor with 5 m cable.
  • Free selection of two included sensor housings in anthracite and beige.
  • Firmware can be updated with a micro SD card (not included).
  • EOS EmoStyle H with the additional convenient features:
    • After-heating (sauna dry program after humid mode).
    • Adjustable after-heating temperature.
    • Adjustable after-heating extractor fan speed.
    • Adjustable after-heating time.
    • Adjustable grace time for refilling the water tank by low level.
    • Smart-Heat functions heats up the sauna faster and prevents that the steam production starts while the sauna is not yet well heated.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50/60 Hz

Power output

10,0 kW (can be expanded with LSG: LSG 10 / LSG 18 / LSG 36)

Temperature control range

30 - 115 °C

Heating time limitation

6 h, 12 h, unlimited

Start time pre-selection

24 h real time or week timer

Cabin light output

230 V, ohmic, capacitive, inductive load.

Fan output

230 V / max. 150 W, adjustable

Sensor system

Digital, inc. 5 m cable. Bench sensor optional.

Control panel (H/W/D)

132 x 135 x 25 mm installation assembly (mounting - optional)

Relay box (H/W/D)

270 x 300 x 100 mm wall mounting