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Sound module (SBM-S / SBM-BT)

Extension module

The sound module allows you to play and control music in your sauna via sauna control unit.

The module features an integrated stereo amplifier 2 x 15 W and an integrated MP3 player. Wall-mounting unit.

Music files can be retrieved from an SD-card, USB connection or via Bluetooth (only BT version) or an analogue input. A NF 3,5 mm analogue music jack is also available for music streaming.

Connection to sauna control unit via sauna bus, own 230 V power supply.

Optional USB docking station for mounting in the sauna wall.

Compatible control units:

  • EOS EmoTec series
  • EOS EmoStyle series
  • EOS EmoTouch 3

ModelItem no.Size (H x W x D)
SBM-S sound module94.5920270 x 190 x 90 mm
SBM-S BT sound module with Bluetooth94.5921270 x 190 x 90 mm