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EOS Watermill sauna set with Goliath heater HD

floor-standing, heavy-duty

Spectacular EOS Watermill system for luxury class themed saunas.

Ideal for very intensive, demanding commercial operation.

The Watermill sauna brings “action” and a unique water splash experience in every sauna cabin. The spectacular Watermill wheel with drive and control mechanism (with auto-filling system) is perfectly completed with the impressive EOS Goliath sauna heater in anthracite pearl effect finish.

The Watermill wheel rotates slowly counter-clockwise, which already makes it an attraction in the sauna. After an automatic signal it starts to rotate in the other direction, so that the scoops take some water from the basin under the wheel and pour it directly into the cascade mounted over the heater, causing powerful and spectacular steam shock effects. A very large stone volume of the sauna heater ensures at the same time high energy reserves and water evaporation capability.

Now available with upgraded special “heavy-duty” inner wiring with solid copper busbars for even more durability and long-lasting service even by unfavourable operation conditions in a commercial sauna.

Design hint: in combination with our coloured light or sound effects, the water splashes may be turned into a spectacular ceremony and a unique experience for all sauna guests.

Includes automatic water refilling device FWA01. Permanent water connection required.

Rock store fits approx. 75 kg stones

NOTICE: Control unit for sauna heater is not included and should be ordered separately

Acessories for EOS Goliath sauna heater: Mounting brackets for heater guard rail. Allows to mount a 3-sided protective heater guard rail in individual design directly on the EOS Goliath sauna heater. In matching anthracite pearl effect finish. Easy to retrofit on already available heaters. Wooden parts are not included.



18,0 kW


24,0 kW


30,0 kW


36,0 kW



  • Exclusive design – stylish mill wheel with a unique function for spectacular sauna infusions.
  • Mill wheel includes pre-mounted drive and control box.
  • Adjustable time intervals (30, 45, 60 minutes).
  • Automatic water refilling, thanks to the built-in top-up device (water connection required).
  • Goliath HD sauna heater unites modern design with reliable top performance. Copper rails as standard inner wiring – perfectly suitable for saunas with particularly intensive use.
  • Extra-large rock store fits approx. 75 kg stones.

Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50/60 Hz

Dimensions H/W/D, in mm

Overall dimensions H/W/D, in mm

825 / 960 / 470

1700 / 1200 / 980

For cabin size (18,0 / 24,0 / 30,0 / 36,0 kW)

24 - 35 m³ / 35 - 45 m³ / 45 - 65 m³ / 65 - 75 m³

Power extension required (18,0 / 24,0 / 30,0 / 36,0 kW)

LSG 10 / LSG 18 / LSG 36 / LSG 36