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EOS Majesty


„Straightforwardness and the appealing contrast define the design language of the EOS Majesty“

The EOS Majesty combines majestic design with innovative construction. The surrounding slats made of polished stainless steel in combination with elegant matt black and white quartz stones emphasize the extraordinary aesthetics of this sauna heater.

Due to the clear design language, it fits perfectly into modern, high-quality sauna cabins. With its uniform appearance on all sides, it can be placed freely in front of glass surfaces or in the center of the sauna, where it can fully develop its exclusive character. Due to its smart dimensions, it requires less space.

We back our product promise of maximum durability with a warranty of 8 years.


The slanted slats above the rock store are not just a design element, they direct the heated air in a targeted manner and thus ensure optimal heat distribution in the sauna cabin. These slats are picked up again at the base and round off the unique, clear design of the sauna heater.

The 25 kg sauna stone set, consisting of diabase stones and white quartz stones, ensures complete and sensual sauna pleasure.



Perfection down to the smallest detail is demonstrated by the available heater guard rail with puristic brackets. These variably attachable brackets enable quick and easy installation.

You can choose between the heater guard rail in abachi or walnut wood. If a heater guard rail that matches the wood of the sauna cabin is desired, the mounting brackets are also available individually.

The EOS Majesty also impresses in terms of safety. The EOSafe L safety system, which is discreetly attached to the heater, can be easily attached to the upper slat above the rock store on the right or left.

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  • Exclusive, distinctive design and finest craftsmanship.
  • Same appearance on all sides – great for installation in front of glass panels.
  • Durable, long-lasting construction, all made of stainless steel.
  • Slim, place-saving construction – only 37 cm depth.
  • Easy to service, rock store above heating elements.
  • Luxurious pure-white sauna stones included in delivery. Pre-mounted 8 m connection cable.


Item no.

EOSafe L safety system with 27 mm 30° reflector


Heater guard rail in abachi wood – 4-sided with mounting brackets


Heater guard rail in walnut wood – 4-sided with mounting brackets


Heater guard rail brackets (without wooden rail), 6 pcs set


Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50/60 Hz

Dimensions H/W/D, in cm

80 / 42 / 37

For sauna cabin size (6,0 / 8,0 / 10,0 kW)

6 - 8 m³ / 8 - 12 m³ / 11 - 15 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (6,0 / 8,0 / 10,0 kW)

35 x 4 cm / 35 x 5 cm / 35 x 6 cm

Fuse protection (control unit)

3 x 16 A

Weight withouth rocks

36 kg

Stone filling

25 kg

Power extension required



Item no.

6,0 kW


8,0 kW


10,0 kW