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Innovations 2018/2019

EOS presents numerous innovations and applications. Whether for private, semi-professional or commercial use, all products will meet your high expectations.

Bi-O- Gracil

The Space Wonder

The popular Gracil sauna heater is now available as a Bi-O Gracil version with the built-in vaporizer.

Enjoy the full flexibility of the sauna climate setting – from dry & humid to mild & steamy with all advantages of the Gracil design. With only 25 cm depth Bi-O Gracil is one of the slimmest models on the market but still features a full size 15 kg rock store.

Zeus S

The Eyecatcher

The Zeus S complements as a „little brother“ the Zeus family.

With only Ø 45 cm diameter Zeus S perfectly fits into compact to medium sized saunas. The optional exclusive solid wood guard rail sets the crowning touch to this model. Zeus S is great for installation in front of glass panels or in the centre of a sauna cabin. Power range: 6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 12 kW.


The Powerhouse

Built to impress – the new 'Mega' is perfect for special needs of XXL event saunas.

With the power range from 42 kW up to impressive 72 kW and a rock store volume of up to 120 kg this model is great for extensive water splash ceremonies in event or theme saunas.

Herkules Fragrance

4-fold Enjoyment

“Fragrance” is an innovative evaporation system with 4 herbal trays. Specially developed for Herkules XL heater series.

The system features stylish rectangular pipes at the sides of the heater which guide water with diluted essences in 4 special design trays. This provides an effective and elegantly looking utility for continuous aromatization.

Available soon


The SBM-Hot module triggers at the push of a button an immediate power boost of the heater to enable more powerful water splashes at shorter intervals. The power boost can be also set to start at certain time intervals.


The SBM-Eco module literally saves your money. You can reduce the temperature level by pushing the button if there are no guests around and quickly bring it back to normal either manually or automatically.

Aqua Disp

The Water Splash Assistant

AquaDisp helps to automate water splashes for the hidden heaters of 46U and Invisio series.

Water quantity and intervals can be set on the control unit outside the cabin in 2 preset profiles. Alternatively you can also launch the water splashes manually with an elegant push-button.


Safety for your Sauna

EOSafe-L - a virtually invisible, sensor-based system for fire safety in saunas.

The system detects the unintentional storage of objects around the sauna heater, which does away the old-fashioned solutions with frames or alike structures on the heater. The system includes an electronic block and special emitter with a reflector


The Performer

The new SteamAttrac steam generator is a great choice for compact or middle size steam rooms where one needs an affordable yet reliable product.

SteamAttrac can be also used as an auxiliary steam source in large saunas with humid operation. SteamAttrac features a fully automatic operation and can be enhanced with various options.

Power range: 3.0 / 4.0 / 6.0 kW.

Available soon


For sauna & steam control

SBM-LSG Steam module for Emotouch 3 allows to operate almost any brand steam generator with the EmoTouch 3 control panel.

In addition to the temperature control you have the full scope of luxury features of the EmoTouch 3 control system.

SBM-LSG Steam module includes digital temperature sensor.

SBM-S+FL Remote

Colour light & sound control

IR receiver with separate wireless remote to control coloured light and music directly inside sauna. Designed for SBM-FL colour light module and SBM-S sound module. Remote control includes battery.

Select the desired colour, switch your favourite track or adjust the music volume without leaving the sauna room.


Flexible Sauna & IR operation

The SBM-IR module allows to control infrared lamps in a sauna with only one EOS control unit.

If you prefer just an infrared cabin, then the SBM-LSG IR module is your solution.

Both models provide two 1500 W dimmable and one 500 W switchable output which you can control separately or in groups.

Vitae Protect+

The Plus is YOUR´S

Full spectrum quartz glass heater for infrared cabins with a built-in dimmer.

With optimized heat distribution thanks to the ceramic glass screen. Your “+” - this high-performance heater not only provides full power within seconds but can be dimmed directly at the heater.

The user can adjust the heat intensity up to his preference without even standing up from his place.


Smart sauna for smart home

Compact module for integrating an EmoTec / EmoTouch control units into a smart home system.

Automation of sauna engineering with various settings for comfortable operation of saunas. Time-saving, intuitive operation as well as programming via KNX or Modbus systems.



The Event Heater

The impressive EOSphere event heater will turn your sauna visit to a unique experience – the heated stone basket can be slowly plunged down into the underlying illuminated water bowl for a spectacular steam-shock effect. The steam shock event can be launched automatically or manually.

Available soon

Russian Skiff

The Experience Heater

SKIFF - the unique „event sauna“ heater brings action into your sauna. Skiff features two separate stone baskets which can be manually rotated around and dipped into a water bowl with a special lever for a spectacular showalike steam-shock effect. For an unforgettable sauna experience.

Each basket holds up to 40 stones. 9 kW power output.

Available soon