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EOS Structure


With its unique shape, the EOS Structure is a true design statement.

With elegant matt black from top to bottom, this extraordinary sauna heater presents itself with its distinctive rod structure, which forms the characteristic design element of this sauna heater.

The elaborately welded rod structure of the legs is revived in the form of laser-cuts in the outer shell and in the safety guard rail. The actual, conical heater housing is carried playfully floating by the special rod structure of the legs and gives the heater a feeling of lightness. The design is completed by the exclusive EOS Cubius sauna stones.

This sauna heater is a first-class choice and blends harmoniously into the overall architectural design of your cabin.

We back our product promise of maximum durability with a warranty of 8 years.


With this sauna heater, the designers have taken air convection a step further. The unique internal construction makes sure that the air is fed back into the rock store – this is ensured by the gills inserted into the side of the rock store and the air shaft arranged in the middle of the rock store.

The otherwise self-contained rock store also ensures optimal heat absorption of the sauna stones and intensifies the infusion by maximizing the use of the applied water.

The included 30 kg sauna stone set with Diabase sauna stones and black EOS Cubius sauna stones guarantee constant temperature stability. Alternatively, the EOS Structure is also available with a complete stone filling with diabase sauna stones.


The height-adjustable feet, which easily compensate a potential unevenness in the floor, ensure a secure positioning. The special construction of the legs of the sauna heater allows invisible cable routing.

Sovereignty down to the smallest detail, the integrated safety guard rail merges with the overall construction and blends perfectly into the design of the sauna heater. It is inconspicuously made of metal and yet safe at the same time.

Discreet and safe. The safety system EOSafe L is optimized for the EOS Structure with its heater-coloured surface and its simple installation in one of the four corners.

  • Extravagant, futuristic design.
  • Scratch-resistant matt black finish.
  • Stylish Cubius stones in black finish included as standard.
  • Finest craftsmanship, each piece individually crafted to order.
  • Durable, thoroughly tested stainless steel construction.
  • Great for central position or installation in front of glass panels.
  • Guard rail already seamlessly integrated into design.
  • Pre-mounted connection cable (2 lines by 12 kW).

Electrical connection

400 V 3N ~ 50/60 Hz

Dimensions H x W x D, in cm

102 / 70 / 70

For sauna cabin size (6 / 8 / 10 / 12 kW)

6 - 8 m³ / 8 - 12 m³ / 11 - 15 m³ / 14 - 18 m³

Min. size air inlet and outlet (6 / 8 / 10 / 12 kW)

35 x 4 cm / 35 x 5 cm / 35 x 6 cm / 35 x 8 cm

Weight withouth rocks

40 kg

Stone filling

~30 kg

Power extension

LSG 10 (only 12 kW)

Power Item no.
6,0 kW 948100
8,0 kW 948101
10,0 kW 948102
12,0 kW 948103