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EOS Bi-O Invisio

External vaporizer

Optional additional vaporizer for the underbench sauna heater series EOS Invisio.

The external vaporizer turns every EOS Invisio sauna heater into a “Bi-O” version for a flexible sauna climate from hot and dry to mild and humid. Suitable for private and commercial operation. The vaporizer can be mounted on the left and on the right hand side, and is available with 2,0 kW and 3,0 kW power.

The sauna heater is not included!

The water tank is made of high-grade stainless steel and fits approx. 12 l water. Includes stainless steel pipe with steam outlet at the top to provide the steam exit along the top edge of the screen wall. With dry-run and overheating protection with acoustic alarm.

For automatic water filling an optionally available FWA01 Compact top-up device is required! Thanks to the twin nipple, it is possible to connect the FWA01 top-up device and the drain valve at the same time.

Suitable models:

  • EOS Invisio Mini
  • EOS Invisio Midi
  • EOS Invisio XL

Power Item no.
2000 W 946293
3000 W 946294


  • External vaporizer for all EOS Invisio range sauna heaters.
  • Can be mounted on the left / right side. Can be also retrofitted at a later time.
  • Available with 2,0 kW and 3,0 kW power output.
  • Includes stainless steel steam output pipe with herbs and essence holder - steam injection at the top edge of the partition wall for optimal and quick distribution.
  • The steam exit tray can be mounted at various heights.
  • Manual water filling. Automatic water filling possible with the optional FWA01 top-up device.
  • Dry run protection. Made of stainless steel.
  • Double drain nozzle facilitates simultaneous connection of the top-up device and water drain tap.

Electrical connection

230 V N ~ 50Hz

Cable connection

4 x 1,5 mm²

Dimensions H x W x D, cm

53 x 20 x 36 (without steam pipe)

Tank volume

max. 12 l

Steam pressure

0 bar